About a month ago, my daughter asked me to make her a doll out of yarn. I normally stick to blankets, afghans and wearables, so I was stumped. We looked through Pinterest for hours and finally decided on this Amineko, an amigurumi, crochet cat. I just finished making the second, how cute is this pair?


According to wikipedia, amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures. Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human traits, emotions and intentions to non-human entities. These cats have weighted paws and body, making them posable. They lounge, contemplate, pray and meditate. You can’t just have one either, as a pair, they snuggle, discuss, drink tea, and star gaze together. They are adorable, I love them!


When I was a young girl, my grandmother on my father’s side taught me how to knit and my grandmother on my mother’s side, taught me how to sew. The knitting didn’t really stick, but my love for yarn projects led me to crochet much later in life. Today, I consider myself a bit of a yarn junkie, always on the hunt for a good deal and/or a new project. And I freely admit that I owe all my skills to youtube! Reading a pattern is fine for some projects, but watching someone demonstrate a new stitch or even a whole pattern, is so much easier for my brain.

Lately, my idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon is starting a new crochet project and listening to a good audiobook. I love how I can create and listen to someone else’s creation at the same time, it feels so productive and yet, deliciously lazy.


I hope you are all feeling well and had a great weekend. If you crochet, you can find the free pattern HERE. The original pattern is in Japanese, but she kindly created a english drawn version, which I found very easy to follow. Enjoy!




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