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A Monday Medley of Life

As I type this, we are finally getting our new countertops installed. The kitchen has been one of those projects that I put off for ages thinking the stress and expense would be too much. I was wrong about the expense, but completely correct about the stress. Nothing is ever easy when dealing with home improvement projects. Things are ordered incorrectly, measurements are wrong and if you have an older house, there are quirks about this and that, which complicate matters. But the gorgeous counters and  new faucet are in and I am ecstatic! Backsplash and new floors will be done next, so pretty pictures to follow the total renovation.

As the issues started to reveal themselves, I took two GABA pills (a natural amino acid that promotes calm) and tried my absolute best to not get upset. This is one of my fibromyalgia toolbox tricks. I don’t do well calming myself once I have gotten worked up, so I have learned that not getting worked up in the first place is key to not hurting. I only use GABA occasionally, when I know that high stress is inevitable. I do regularly drink herbal ‘bedtime’ teas in the afternoon. My favorite at the moment is Yogi Tea Soothing Caramel Bedtime. It doesn’t put me to sleep, but helps me relax after the normal stress of the day and tastes delicious. 


If you are a fellow hooker, you know…we try to make everything out of yarn! Right now, I am making a draft stopper for the patio sliding door. I’m not using a pattern, just started the circular base in the desired diameter and continued up with a spiral single crochet. Once complete, I will fill it with alternating layers of dried beans and stuffing. How cool is that?!


In a few days my son turns 22. The memory of those 36 hours of labor seems like another lifetime ago, but when I think of the exact moment of his birth, it is as clear as if I am there again in the hospital. The emotional charge imprints us forever. I read once that there are only about 950 Saturdays between the birth of your child and them leaving the nest. When he left for the Marine Corps, a little over three years ago, I was a total mess. Each day that passes, I miss him, but I worry less and less. In hindsight, I really think someone should offer classes on how to handle that transition gracefully. :-) 

I hope you are all feeling well and have a great week!




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