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W.I.P Wednesday

Over the last few weeks I have noticed other crafty bloggers posting “W.I.Ps” or their Work In Progress and I think its time to join in!

crochet_table mat

This week I am working on a table runner/mat for the dinning room table. After piecing it together, I’m not sure how I feel about it actually. I still have to do the border, which might bring it all together.

I was inspired by this pattern HERE. Of course her color choices are fabulous, but I was going for something a little more mellow to accent the existing walls, rug and accessories. She also did a ‘join as you go’ but I found it laid flatter and was sturdier with a whip stitch…but again, I am not sure I like my results as much as I like hers.


The last table runner I made was a very simple blanket stitch that laid perfectly flat in a neutral ecru, but after washing, it grew to long and I decided it was boring. Eventually, I will quit playing around with the yarn and make a legitimate thread doily! The tiny hooks are so intimidating and I can barely do it without my glasses, but one of these days I will complete one. #crochet goals

We are finally having a new drainage system installed in our basement next week. Apparently they will be using a jackhammer, just the thought of the chaos is making me anxious. The person in charge of this project is one of those men who dismisses women who ask questions and want understanding, like it is over my head. Yesterday, after a particularly difficult exchange and a complaint to his boss, I went searching online for a better way to interact with him. I found this:

Everyone is enlightened but you.

The idea is, that you imagine everyone who stresses you out, is actually enlightened. They know exactly what they are doing to you in order to teach you a lesson. Your job, is to figure out what they are trying to teach you. Much easier said than done, but taking a step back and questioning yourself is never a bad idea.

In this situation, I fully acknowledge that my ego is involved, chauvinism pushes my buttons. I decided I can learn/remember two things from this person:

  1. My own ego is the true annoyance.
  2. How people treat you is on them, how you react to them, is on you.


I too, am a work in progress. 🙂

Happy Wednesday!




5 thoughts on “W.I.P Wednesday

  1. Absolutely adorable! I love what you crocheted! How long did that take to make? It’s super cute and I think you should give yourself some credit! It’s beautiful! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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