WIP Wednesday

Did you know that March is National Crochet Month? I didn’t, but surely that is a good enough reason to go buy some more yarn! Hi, my name is René, and I am a yarn-a-holic. 🙂

Right now I am trying to use up some of my leftover stash with THIS scrap yarn bag.

scrap bag stash

I’ve been wanting a bag that I can carry my crochet projects around in. I love the scrap projects, but never seemed to have the right kind of stash to use. Also, I struggle with random when it comes to colors, there is a fine line between visually pleasing and a chaotic mess.

scrap bag side

I followed the pattern up until this point, but it is huge, measuring at 15 inches in diameter. I am not sure I want it quite so big…so I may be ripping stitches this evening.

scrap bag size

My daughter is seriously a scooter queen. Two summers ago, I walked and she scootered over 150 miles together. For Christmas this year we got her the new micro-scooter and she loves it. She has been asking for a basket for ages, but I haven’t been able to find one that would fit. So this weekend I made her one.

scooter basket 1

I was inspired by this bike basket photo on Pinterest. The link was broken, but it was simple enough to come up with a design. I used two strands of yarn to make it sturdy enough to carry a small water bottle. I’m pretty proud of myself, it is so useful!

scooter basket 3

I also finished the table mat I posted last week by adding the border. And now I’m almost sure I like it!


So what are you working on?

Happy Wednesday!




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