W.I.P Wednesday

I am not one of those people who can have multiple crochet projects going at the same time. The minute I start one project, I am usually considering my next, but it is sort of a deal I have with myself, only one project at a time. Last year I was making a chevron blanket for my son and was almost done but then we had three new babies coming in the family so I had to put it aside for a bit. The entire time I was making the baby blankets, I was thinking about that chevron blanket!

cotton colors

Anyway, because I am still searching for what I want to do with my new yarn, I have been making dishcloths…pretty boring, I know. I buy these small cotton skeins whenever they go on sale and keep a stash for those times when I don’t have anything to work on. I use them for dishcloths, dishtowels, pot holders and coasters. I love the fun the colors and my only complaint is that some of colors fade after a few rounds in the washer and dryer.

I have probably tried out about ten different dishcloth patterns, bumpy ones, pretty ones and simple ones and am never really happy with their performance. But then I stumbled upon this pattern and it is now my new favorite!

2016-03-23 09.35.52

The moss stitch is a dense stitch, but not as tight as a plain single crochet, so it holds its shape well, has just enough texture to scrub and absorbs well. I think the moss stitch, which resembles the knitted linen stitch, looks especially nice with a variegated yarn. I prefer rectangle cloths over squares because I like to keep them hanging on the divider of my double sink, so I get one cloth out of every 2 ounce skein. Last week I snagged a few for $1 each, and considering they last forever, it is a pretty good deal.


Do you have a  favorite dishcloth stitch/pattern? What else have you made with this inexpensive cotton yarn? 

The weather is gorgeous today, we are headed out for a nature walk in a few. I hope you all have a great day!




7 thoughts on “W.I.P Wednesday

  1. As one that does have several crochet projects going at once, I really like your idea. I’m going to try that, because I’d rather not have so much going on at once.

    I love working with the yarn in your picture. I’ve used mine to make water bottle cozies, & made a little profit. Between the cozies & daisy shaped coasters, my buyers keep me pretty busy. Happy crocheting! :-♥

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  2. This yarn is great for face scrubbies! I made a bunch for all the moms I saw on Mother’s Day last year and everyone loved them.
    I like to make dish cloths and towels too, I’ll have to try the moss stitch. Thanks for the tip, love your colors!

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