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Book Review ~ Confessions of an Imaginary Friend


Book Review written by Miss Ruby J

Title:  Confessions of an Imaginary Friend:  A Memoir by Jacques Papier

Author:  Michelle Cuevas

Genre:  Adventure/Humor – Middle Grade Novel


Confessions of an Imaginary Friend is a book about a boy who learns that he is not who he thinks he is.  Jacques Papier thinks he is the unpopular and ignored twin brother of Fleur. He is told by a cowgirl at the park that he is not real, and is actually only the imaginary friend of Fleur.  Jacques doesn’t believe it,  and sets out on an adventure to discover who he really is.  Along the way he meets other imaginary friends and learns that just because he is imaginary, doesn’t mean he can’t feel real.


I thought this book was a funny and imaginative story. It made me laugh out loud a lot. My favorite part is when Jacques meets Merla, who Jacques was once an imaginary friend to. Merla drew a picture of Jacques as a wiener dog because that is how she imagined him. But Jacques really hates wiener dogs! 

I felt bad for Jacques, because first he loses his home and then he loses another home and then he goes into ‘nothingness’ and forgets everything. But finally he finds another home as an imaginary friend to Felice, who is actually the sister of Fleur.

I think boys and girls of all ages would enjoy this book. My mom also liked this book.

I give it five out of five stars!  ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I hope you enjoyed this book review, thank you for reading!

🙂  Miss Ruby J


Mom’s Note:

We both liked this book, it was very funny and creative.  It is a book chock full of lessons about learning who you are, how we relate to others, how we see ourselves, meaning, sadness…and it does all of this with humor. The sensitive in me felt bad for Jacques, but the end comes full circle and I definitely had a tear in my eye. As a middle grade novel, I would think it is be best suited for children ages 8 and up. I highly recommend this book, it was great.

We discovered during the writing of this review that Fox Animation will be producing an animated film based on this novel!


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