Thursday Throwback Crochet

Last fall, before I started this blog, I ran across a picture of a virus shawl that was apparently all the rage last year. The look seemed almost antique, with that classic, delicate look. I really loved the rhythm that came from making this shawl, it was fun, and I looked forward to each round. Unfortunately, once it was complete, I decided that it didn’t really suit me. It doesn’t match my style and I have never worn it outside of the house.

virus blanket1

But as soon as I was finished, I thought it would make the perfect ‘back of the couch’ blanket and went on the hunt to find a virus blanket pattern. I was so happy to find this youtube video instruction .

It worked up pretty quickly for a blanket and enjoyed it just as much as making the shawl. Because of the openness of the pattern it is not super warm in the winter, but it is the perfect lap blanket for the spring, summer a/c and fall chill.

virus blanket3

My only problem with the project is that I ran out of yarn, both the off-white and the sea foam blue. So the last off-white round and the last two rounds of blue are slightly off color. The video shows you how, but there is no particular pattern with color and yarn amounts, so I was just winging it really. My fault for not buying enough yarn from the start! 

virus blanket2

I suppose it is barely noticeable and at least I am not gifting it. I really do love the way this virus pattern looks as a blanket.

I need to find a way to photograph these larger projects outside. I love the way the sunshine brings out the details. 

Happy Thursday!  🙂




29 thoughts on “Thursday Throwback Crochet

  1. I just made this for my BFF’s 50th birthday. She has a thing for off white, and she got it from her mother, and I tease her about it all the time, so of course I had to make one in various shades of off white, cream, toupe, and greys. It is beautiful. I am now working on a smaller baby size in Football team colors, since I am in Washington I will start with blue, grey and green for Seahawks


    1. Hi there Wanda, I didn’t use a traditional pattern for this blanket, I used the video to make mine, which is linked above in the post. Very easy to follow along in the video, but I am sure if you need a pattern, you could find one by googling : virus blanket pattern


  2. this is gorgeous! Only you can probably notice the coloe change but to the average viewer it looks perfect. I am going to make this for my sister in purples and white. Thanks for sharing

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