Finished It! Friday

I have been waiting all week for a little sunshine so I could take a few pictures of the spring shawl/wrap I finally completed, but the sun is still a no show. So pardon the gloomy pictures, I just really wanted to share.


The finished size is 23’ x 64’ which is perfect because my biggest problem with most shawls is that they don’t stay on your shoulders without a pin. But this one is long enough to drape across your shoulders and sit in the crook of your bent elbow, so it always stays put.


The length also allows you to completely wrap yourself up in it if you want to. My model is quite a bit smaller than me, 🙂 but I have plenty of room to wrap up my chest and shoulders like a scarf. The light weight of the yarn and stitch makes it soft and warm without being hot.


I really like the way the shell stitch came out with this yarn without blocking. I was totally dreading the blocking process because I have never done it with anything larger than a 12×12 square. But I don’t think it needs it really. We will see what happens after the first wash.

I love, love, love the way it came out. I can see myself wearing this a lot because it will go with just about everything. Perfect for the spring or fall and to keep in your bag for the movie theater, restaurant or any other chilly spot.

What do you think?  Have a great weekend!




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