W.I.P Wednesday

I am almost finished with the summer dress I am making for my daughter. All that is left is to attach the crocheted yoke to the fabric and hemming it up and then it will be done!


I didn’t follow a pattern, I just used that original image as a guide. I wanted more coverage around the yoke, so I added some shell stitches in the corners and along the bottom edge.


I also wanted the body of the dress to be less fitted than the original, so I added some gather to the top with a simple running stitch that is pulled tight to create pleats. Finding the right balance to the pleats is proving to be tricky, mostly because when I pin it to the yoke, things get wonky. It will work out.

So, while I was on the hunt for the perfect stitch for the summer wrap, I ran across this one:4a13f6e0c8067c410e8b6ec76dc21107

It is a nice, open, lacey crochet stitch, but it wasn’t working out with the particular yarn I purchased for the wrap. It does seem to work well with this acrylic, DK weight I had lying around. If you used a cotton or wool and blocked it, it would open up even more.

grey_new stitch2

But I am kind of digging this gun metal grey with a bit of sheen to it. Now I just need to figure out what I want to make with it.

grey_new stitch

Happy Hooking!




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