W.I.P Wednesday

Check out these awesome potholders I am working on! I have been wanting to make some new ones to go with my updated kitchen, but finding the right pattern was trickier than I thought it would be.

The biggest problem I ran into was the thickness and the open nature of many patterns. I didn’t want to make something that wasn’t practical, but I also didn’t want to make something boring. I found that the term potholder means different things to different people. I wanted the type you use to take hot pans out of the oven, not a trivet style used to place hot pans on the table.


I finally decided on this  style that I had pinned to Pinterest over 3 years ago! But unfortunately the finished piece ended up entirely to big for my hands. So I modified it a bit and came up with my own. It may not be as elegant as the original, but it works for me. I crochet much like I cook. I use a pattern or a recipe only as a foundation, but end up changing and adjusting things to suit my needs.

The color schemes for this project are endless. I ended up using the Sugar’ n Cream 100% cotton I had lying around. If you decide to make some for yourself, please remember that acrylic yarn will melt, so it must be 100% cotton.


When the pieces are single, they still have a very open feel to them, which had me thinking it wouldn’t work. But once they are connected with that running slip stitch, everything pulls in and it becomes a solid, double thick piece. I have no worries that the heat will come through, or that if I hold it a certain way, I will be in direct contact with a hot pan.

The end result is a very thick and sturdy potholder, that I think is beautiful! They will hang like art in my lovely new kitchen. 🙂




7 thoughts on “W.I.P Wednesday

  1. These are absolutely splendid! I am enamoured – I wish I could crochet, but it’s one of the many skills that eludes me….I have a difficult time with my hands and remembering the stitching {as well as with knitting!}. Yours, however, are a triumph! Bravo!

    I also love how you connect your crochet patterns to your cooking — starting with a recipe or pattern as a guide, but then changing it to suit your personal preferences. I do that as well – not only with recipes, but with my writing, art, etc. What a happy way to start my day seeing your post – Thank you 🙂

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