Happy Gotcha Day Pearl!

One year ago this weekend, we brought home the goofiest, sweetest, most intuitive and insanely loving boxer mix, from the shelter.

who me
Who Me?!

We had been visiting shelters and rescue events for about six months before we finally found her. We had a list of ‘needs and wants’ to suit our household, so while we found many we liked, they just weren’t the right fit. When we brought Pearl home, she was a severely malnourished 18 pounds, suffering from demodicis (red mange), chronic diarrhea, a broken tail and these duck-like, splayed feet. She was a hot mess.

Pearl’s county shelter mug shot.

But the minute I saw her, she pulled her sick little self up and came to the kennel door with the sweetest whole body wiggle you could ever imagine. Once we were able to take her outside for a meet and greet, my spidey sense knew immediately that this was our dog. Something about the way she threw her whole fragile body into my arms. Our energies vibed. I was afraid for her, her health seemed to be hanging on by a thread, but her love and her eagerness to be loved was enormous.

Yes, I make her sweaters. 🙂

Today, Pearl weighs a whopping 40 pounds of lean muscle. She is full energy, has a beautiful shiny coat, and even her feet have improved a little. She is happy, smart, friendly, easy to train, loves children and is always up for a game of fetch. She is protective in the house, but friendly to our guests (read: will cover you in kisses) and loves meeting new people and dogs on walks. Walks have been the trick for this successful shelter adoption. Pearl gets 2, sometimes 3 walks a day. They burn off her excess energy, stimulate her instincts and bond us together in a dog way, not in a human way. I never realized how important walks are until now.

1st Gotcha Day ~ Memorial Day Weekend 2016

What a difference a year makes! She really is amazing and we love her so very much. Sometimes, I can’t believe how lucky we were to have walked into the shelter on that particular day to find her. She fits us perfectly. ❤





10 thoughts on “Happy Gotcha Day Pearl!

  1. How brave of you all to take on such a challenge with her health. I am in lovewith your baby.

    My friend’s white boxer, that I co-momed for years, is so missed. She was so loveable and what a goof. She always made me laugh. She reminds me of Pearl.

    Good and healing thoughts to yous.


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  2. Oh my God! What a difference you’ve made in her life! She looks amazing now compared to the picture of how she looked! The poor thing.. You’ve done an amazing job!


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