The Accidental Peony

I am super busy getting ready for our homeschool review and the last days of school, so I decided to give you a bit of a picture post.


At the end of 1997, I purchased my very first house. It was a tiny box of a thing, but it had it’s charm. One of the things I remember the most was the spectacular peonies that sat right by the front stoop. I didn’t know anything about peonies at the time, but I instantly fell in love with them.


When I moved into this house, I thought about taking a cutting with me, but ended up forgetting. Of course I could have bought a plant at the store and had my own here, but I never saw a plant that compared to that old one.


About six or seven years ago, a peony plant decided to show up on its own, on the side of my front yard. It was on the line of my and my neighbor’s lawn, but I recognized the leaves right away. It was just leaves at first, and then it bloomed one single blossom the second year, on Mother’s Day, no less. Call me weird if you want, but it felt a little kismet for me, a fated thing.


When my neighbors moved a few years later, I decided to claim the peony as my own and moved it to the front flower bed. I thought I killed it, the roots were so much deeper and spread out than I had expected.


But she (yes, of course it is a she) was resilient and here she is today, in all her beautiful spring glory. She is a rather odd peony, the blooms are not uniform like most plants you buy. Some blooms appear to be of a double pink variety of peony while another is a single white. And I don’t know why, but she blooms later than all the peonies on the block. I think it gives her character. 🙂

She is still blooming now, but will be gone by next week. I think that is one of the reasons we love peonies so much. They burst out with this striking display and heady perfume and then they are gone…a two week wonder at best. Isn’t she gorgeous?!

Have a great weekend!











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