W.I.P Wednesday

I started a new afghan last week. I have been itching to make something larger so I could really settle into a project. After the family reunion a few weeks ago, I decided our niece JJ really needs a frozen inspired throw for her December birthday. I’m really hoping her mom doesn’t see this post!

So, after much Pinterest searching and color scheming with my child color expert, we decided on this:

2016-06-07 10.14.12

As usual, the colors look a bit different on the screen. The softy gray looks a little green here, but in person it is a light dove color. They aren’t exactly Frozen colors, but that is was our inspiration.

Ruby J and her cousin JJ are the perfect pair, they get along so well and I love seeing them together. Unfortunately that only happens once or twice a year because they are a few states south of us. But Ruby J talks about JJ all year long. She makes future plans, includes her in her all her “clubs”, draws for her and is always making her jewelry. Of course she always forgets these things when its reunion time, but every time she gets back from a visit, she is making her more stuff.

Ruby J literally stares at this picture all the time, this was maybe 5 years ago…aren’t they just the sweetest?! ❤


The great thing about this blanket is the illusion of texture it has. Each first row of a color change is done in the back loops only. This creates a ridge between colors which looks like a 3-dimensional wave. The pattern is so simple and easy to master after a row or two. Counting is important, just like any ripple, in order to maintain consistency, but its not complicated at all.

2016-06-07 10.14.27

The pattern is called Ocean Waves by Red Heart and can be found HERE. I really like the original colors (below) and may end up making that for someone in the future.


What are you working on?




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