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This Summer Flare

I am really struggling with this flare. Every one of my symptoms is showing up full throttle; pain, fatigue, asthma, skin rashes, gastro issues, hair falling out, and finally, a lovely mouth ulcer. That is usually the sign that I am past the mark of a brief flare, and heading into a deep, long flare. I think I am starting to see a pattern, the summer is definitely not my friend anymore and managing in the hot months is going to take a different approach. 

I am trying not to freak out and remember that all flares, regardless of their intensity and length, are TEMPORARY. Even if it lasts all summer again, it will eventually end. So for now, I am going to rest when I am tired, stay out of the heat, drink lots of water, and continue my focus of a peace seeking summer.

On that note, I could really use some positive thoughts to influence my day and week.




I hope you are all feeling well, and if you are not, I am sending you gentle hugs. ❤




20 thoughts on “This Summer Flare

  1. I’m so sorry you’re having this struggle….. I didn’t realize that asthma struggle could be with a fibromyalgia flare….. I’ve been struggling for longer than I realized with this flare but before it didn’t seem to last as long as this one…… what are some tried and true things that you’ve done??? To help your flare????? I am so tired of taking cymbalta and not having any or very little pain relief…… gentle hugs backatcha

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    1. I’m sorry your flare is still dragging on 😦 my asthma before only showed up during allergy season, now it shows itself for no reason, but mostly when I am flaring (or I am snuggling with my cat). Its hard to say, a vitamin/protein shake a day and 400 mg of magnesium at night are for sure helpful. Melatonin to get better sleep, but nothing really gets rid of the pain.


      1. What kind of vitamin protein shake… I haven’t ever wanted to take anything for sleep aid as I didn’t want to have to rely on it…. especially since I have a hard time waking up and feeling alert…. I’ve had episodes of not being able to breathe and lots of coughing at night dr considered that asthma but it is usually just worse during allergies (which right now seems to be allergy season for everything). My husband got me this sample of fibro med from online is supposedly just vitamins but I’m always Leary of medicine of any kind(I prefer not to take any lol). Thanks I realize nothing takes away the pain…. one time I was having really bad pain in my back , I swore it was my kidney but nurses etc kept saying it was just Normal from my procedure (hysterectomy) then my ex husband gave me one of his muscle relaxers (not sure the strength) but I’ll tell you that was the first time all my pain was gone, except for that one spot…..yes turned out to be kidney .


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