Friday Fibromyalgia Funnies

I think I might actually be pulling out of this flare. *fingers crossed* I upped my zinc intake and added some d-ribose back into my vitamin/protein/probiotic shake. I’ve also been meditating daily, which I have to say, is wonderful once you get back into the habit.

Here is some humor to brighten up your Friday heading into a long weekend (for those of you here in the states).








My birthday is actually this weekend, another year of no big plans due to fibromyalgia. It could be worse, I could have made plans and have to deal with all the anxiety and stress trying to cancel! 😛

Have a great weekend!




16 thoughts on “Friday Fibromyalgia Funnies

  1. Happy birthday!! Hope you have a pain-free (as much as possible) and spoon-filled day! 🙂 In other news, when my new exercise physiologist suggested yoga, I should have shown her that image of tin man trying to do yoga, LOL!! 😛 That one really hit home… and now I might just have a way of explaining to her why I am apprehensive of trying it again.

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