Hexagon Crochet Inspiration

I am still chugging along with my wave pattern, frozen inspired blanket I started last month. My progress is slow due to both the flare and that it is getting large, so having it on my lap when its 95 degrees outside, just feels wrong. I have been toying with the idea of starting a new project, a hexagon granny, so that I can work with smaller pieces during the heat and then finish up the blanket in the fall. But I just can’t! I know plenty of yarn lovers that can have multiple projects going on at once, but I need closure.

So I have resigned myself to finding the perfect inspiration and ran across some really beautiful work that I wanted to share with you.

This Moroccan Motif, created by Make My Day Creative, is absolutely gorgeous. I love the tile work look of this geometric pattern. I am looking for something with a bit more color, but I am definitely making this cushion eventually. I’m so in love with it.


I ran across this next one because of the beautiful Treble Scallop Edging. There isn’t a pattern for the puffy sunburst granny, but I have worked them up before as a square, so I am sure I could figure it out as a hexagon. It is a very happy, feminine blanket.


While these are not hexagons, I also like the look of these large octagons created with small connecting granny squares. And I actually love the earthy colors in the original pattern, In Love with Color Throw.


But really, the motif that inspired the idea of a hexagon piece in the first place was the African Flower Hexagon. I think it is my favorite. I like how it combines both the geometric lines and the soft curves. I also appreciate that each flower looks beautiful with only three colors and then your base connecting color. It is simple, but is still very interesting to the eye.


They are all stunning! Decisions, decisions…

Happy Thursday!




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