Article: What Does Acceptance Mean

I ran across THIS article over the weekend on Counting My Spoons’ blog where she talks about what acceptance means to her.

Spoonies hear the word acceptance all the time. Accepting your condition, accepting your limitations, accepting your new life. But what does it mean to accept your pain?


I do not accept my pain. I live with it. I have developed a kind of functional relationship with it. When it lashes out at me, I take note and listen. I sometimes live in fear of my pain. I sometimes feel defeated by my pain. I am grateful for the times when I completely forget about my pain and I am sometimes flabbergasted when my pain disappears for a few days. None of that is acceptance, but I am sure I “accept” my pain. I have stopped struggling against the pain, stopped spending the energy wishing for it to be gone and maybe that is what they call acceptance. 


Quite frankly, I don’t like the constant use of the word for chronic illness…I think we should be more articulate. We reconcile, we adapt, we mediate, we mollify ourselves, we evolve.

However you define it, there is no denying that finding the right mindset with yourself and your pain, improves the quality of your life with chronic pain.

Here’s to hoping you all have a pain free week!




10 thoughts on “Article: What Does Acceptance Mean

  1. This one really made me think… I like the idea of “acceptance” being doing certain things despite the pain just because you enjoy it, or finding a nice working balance between your pain and your happiness. I might reblog your post with my take on it, if that’s OK with you. 🙂

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  2. We need to be accepted with all of our sickness this is what makes the kind of person we are
    I also have a sickness that you cant see its not easy people need to be educated about some illness Cause some do not understand I do hope all goes well for you
    keep happy and strong
    Susan Mcgarvey

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