I finally finished the frozen inspired, wave pattern throw I was working on for my niece!


It did take me about two months to complete this simple 48 x 60 inch piece, but now I learned my lesson. No blankets in the summer! Okay, maybe baby blankets, but nothing that covers my whole body when its being worked on. Of course we have air-conditioning, but the heat outside just made me not want to touch it at all.

I do love the way it came out, it has a puffy feel and a nice weight to it.I hope she likes it! πŸ™‚


I will be making this one again in different colors some day. I wouldn’t say it was fun to make, but it does work up quickly and the ridges create a nice texture. Once you get past the first few rows, it is easy to find your increase and decrease markers, so there wasn’t a lot of counting going on. That is my biggest complaint when doing any kind of ripple or wave, I don’t like to count. You can find the pattern for this blanket on my original post HERE.

Now that I am finished, I am not sure what to start on next. I want to get a few smaller projects done before I jump into another big one. I’m thinking a few pillow covers for the couch. I need a pattern that works like an envelope cover or has buttons so that it can be removed and washed because, well…dog. As I type this she has her head propped up on a pillow, snoring.

I hope you all have a great week!




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