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Selecting Supplements: LabDoor

Do you take vitamins, minerals and/or other types of supplements? I take what seems to be a ridiculous amount of supplements. Some are recommended by my doctor, and others make sense for energy, good sleep, immune system and thyroid support, better digestion, etc. I make my purchasing decisions based on convenience (# of pills & size), brand familiarity, cost and customer reviews. This has always felt wrong to me, but I had no other way to decide which was the best one to pick.


Recently, I went on the hunt to find a better magnesium supplement. I have been taking a NOW brand, Magnesium Citrate 400 mg a day for a while, but it requires me to swallow two, gigantic pills at night. They are so big, that they actually hurt my throat.

Magnesium is a complicated subject. There are many forms available, some are more absorbable than others, some are chelated, some are supposed to work better for fibromyalgia and some work better for other issues. Like most things on the internet, everybody has an opinion and it has been hard for me to choose which type of magnesium I should go with. But I decided I would try a chelated form next and as I was  reading some reviews on Amazon, I discovered

LabDoor is an impartial testing organization for supplements! I had no idea something like that even existed. They score products in five particular areas, including:

  1. Label Accuracy
  2. Product Purity
  3. Nutritional Value
  4. Ingredient Safety
  5. Projected Efficacy

They don’t test everything, but four of my current supplements are tested, so I was pretty excited to find it. Not surprisingly, many supplements don’t contain the levels or value of the supplement they say they do, and some contain even more, which can be dangerous. And get this, the NOW brand of magnesium citrate I was taking, tested high levels of arsenic! 

I am very happy that I stumbled upon LabDoor and thought you might find it a useful tool as well. 

Have a great week!




6 thoughts on “Selecting Supplements: LabDoor

  1. I kept this post aside for future reference, and I am glad I did! My sister called me with some questions about supplements, I immediately knew how I could help her out. Came home, opened your post, and sent her the link. She was delighted with your summary and Thank you, again, for posting this information.


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