Wednesday W.I.P

I have been working on a pair of pillow covers for the couch. I decided on this basket weave stitch because it adds a nice soft texture to our boring leather couch. This stitch is relatively easy if you haven’t tried it yet. It is simply alternating batches of front post and back post double crochet. The stitch is slow going and tends to be a bit of a yarn-hog, but the end result, using a larger hook, is a dense, yet fluffy weave that looks beautiful.

2016-08-15 14.24.23

I was inspired by a pile of chunky knitted pillows I saw at the store for $36 each. Who would pay that much for a yarn crafted pillow that you can’t wash? Mine will be removable and hopefully, nice and cozy for the winter. I ran out of the off-white much quicker than I had expected, so I picked up the oatmeal and the plan is to have them two toned.

Aren’t these button fantastic?! I found them on Amazon for a great price and think they are that perfect blend of ornate and simple that I love. You have to buy a bag of them, but I’m sure I will find uses for them in the future.

I also added a load to my yarn stash last weekend. I can’t help it, I am a sucker for a good deal! Besides, I have plans for all of it. 🙂


The pink feels like a boucle, micro-fiber. It is super soft and was obviously picked out by my daughter. She wants a cat ear hat and a scarf with paws. I like the idea of a bright hat and scarf because when you are at the park/playground, it is so much easier to keep an eye out.

The gray/white Homespun yarn was in the clearance bin for a dollar each! Last fall I made a cardigan/shrug piece out of this same brand and I love how soft it becomes after a few washes. It is a very thick and snuggly type of yarn. My husband likes the colors, so it will probably end up as hat, scarf and/or fingerless gloves for him.

The plan for that stony chocolate is a waterfall/cascade front, open vest for me. I haven’t found a pattern yet, so I may just have to wing it. I have a few store bought sweaters that have the waterfall front and it basically just looks like a rectangular piece with sleeves. We shall see…

Lastly, I found this autumn red on sale and had to pick it up. It goes well with the pillow covers, would add a nice pop, so I may end up making two more smaller covers with it. If not, maybe a new  dining table mat mandala for the fall.

What are you working on?




5 thoughts on “Wednesday W.I.P

  1. They’re beautiful yarns – I get this excited about embroidery threads. I also do things like sew my own cushion and pillowcases for the bed. The pillowcases in good quality cotton fabrics are MUCH nicer than the store bought ones. You appreciate them when you go to sleep! I’d like to make more pillowcases…John likes the British Union Jack fabric as he’s a proud Brit now as well as a proud Canadian! 😉

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