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Monday Medley

I definitely over did it this past week. First, my son was here and there was a lot of walking and driving involved. My body and mood crashed the day before he left, but bounced back pretty quickly. Then it was Labor Day weekend and our city has a carnival/festival that also had me walking, being out in the sun and generally overstimulated…luckily the weather had cooled down this weekend though. Unfortunately, today I am in a lot of pain.

The good news is that our basement fiasco is finally over! Friday was the final day of work and everything is back to normal. Motivated by the bright open space, I decided to create a lego play space for my daughter. All the many boxes and piles of legos scattered about the house are now organized by colors. We have even separated all the people and little bits into compartment boxes. She will have a large table to build on and display her creations and I am hoping she will keep things contained to this area once it is complete. *fingers crossed*


I have been wearing my pedometer again for the last month and have increased my steps significantly. I was averaging about 5,000 steps a day the first week and have increased it up to about 8,500 on regular days. As the weather cools even more, I am hoping I can get back into the 10,000 per day range. This past week I hit more than 11,000 on a few days, but like I said, I over did it. I am so looking forward to the fall!  I actually got to wear a jacket for this morning’s walk. 🙂

I started developing a pattern for the waterfall front vest I had envisioned and of course it is not as simple as I imagined. I am working in the round and my intent is to have an intricate mandala as the back center. But I need to work out the logistics, so I am creating it first as a simple granny square. I hope to have something to share soon.


My mood is pretty much in the crapper, I must have spent all my happy chemicals last week and now I am working on a deficit. It doesn’t help that it is that time of month and my body is basically screaming at me. I even had a dream about my hips being locked up last night. When you start dreaming of your pain, you know that your body needs a rest.

This is how I think I am going to spend most of my Monday. Dinner in the crockpot, me on the recliner coloring.

owl coloring

I hope you are feeling well…Have a great week!




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