Resting Pain Face and Meditation

This blog post by Emily Suess is great, I had to share. I think Resting Pain Face is real and I know I suffer from it, lol!

Like many with fibromyalgia, I have been trying to use meditation to encourage a state of calm in my life. And I should be honest with you, after a full summer of trying…I have not made it a habit yet. I did meditate every day for two weeks, but then I found reasons why I didn’t want to or couldn’t and now I am back to doing it only a few times a week. I am going to try doing it in the afternoon next, because the mornings are my productive time of day and there are so many other things that I would rather being doing.

I also found that chanting meditation works best for me. Guided meditation is to distracting, silence makes me restless, but chanting puts me quickly into a state of breath control and calm. If you struggle with other forms of meditation, you might want to try it. I use mala beads to help me count, but all you really need is a mantra that suits you. I am partial to Om Mani Padme Hum because of the meaning and the rhythm feels right to me.

I hope everyone is having a great week!



You’ve heard of resting bitch face, right? Well, I’m launching an awareness campaign for resting pain face.

via Relieving Resting Pain Face with Meditation — Emily’s Blog


6 thoughts on “Resting Pain Face and Meditation

  1. I think I have the Resting Leave-Me-The-Fuck-Alone Face when I am in massive pain/discomfort – because somehow people seem to figure that out from just one look. LOL!! ;P

    On a more serious note, good luck with the meditations! I wish I could be more focused with it too, but it can be so hard to focus when fibro is punching me around. But once I am over that hump, it does seem to help. 🙂

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