REBLOG: When Your Concern For My Chronic FM Pain Shows Up As Frustration

My fellow fibro warrior Lakshmi over at LGV wrote a great blog post earlier this week and I wanted to share. Two especially good points that I wanted to highlight:

“I know that you are genuinely concerned about my health and feel bad that I am in pain everyday…you know what,  I appreciate and am thankful for your concern. But when my answer is not what you expected, your concern turns into something I don’t deserve.”

“Would you ever walk up to someone suffering from life-threatening illnesses or serious injuries and ask them the questions that you ask me in a frustrated and impatient tone? No of course not. Because you can see it and know that the person is either going to be cured or not and in your eyes, you can’t put me in either box so I am automatically imagining and not doing enough to get better.”


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