Cat Ear Hat


I ended up making this very simple cat ear hat for my daughter last week. Literally the easiest thing I have ever worked up. You can find the video tutorial HERE. I just made it a little smaller and it came out exactly like she wanted. I had so much yarn left over that I also made her a scarf. 

I didn’t use the yarn I initially purchased for this project because it was absolutely impossible to work with. It was a boucle microfiber, kind of furry yarn and once crocheted, the loops became indistinguishable. The only way I could use it, was to pair is with a regular (worsted) yarn and crochet with two strands. This would be fine for something chunky, but it wasn’t going to work for this hat. No worries, I am sure it will come in handy some day.


I have abandoned my attempt at the waterfall front vest. I tried so many times to get it to work and after so much frogging, I didn’t even like the idea any more. Perhaps just purchasing a pattern would have been a better idea! In any case, I want to make a wearable piece for myself, something oversized and cozy for winter.

Have a great weekend!




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