Oversized Cardigan/Granite Jacket

I finished up my “draft” version of the oversized cardigan I have been working on. I have been using the same six red skeins of yarn to create patterns for a while, but I might actually keep this one assembled.



I like everything about the way this came out except the sleeves, which I will probably do differently for my final version. They bell out quite a bit when it is on and I think I can work up something a little less dramatic.

I used All About Ami’s wonderfully laid out, free pattern that she calls the Granite Cape.


I made it a bit smaller than hers and did a more traditional ribbed trim on mine. It was fairly easy to make, her instructions are very detailed and easy to follow. I think I need to see how things are laid out and assembled, which is why written patterns for wearables often irritate me. I need to see how before I find the motivation to start. Weird huh?

What I think I like most about this piece is the simplicity of the stitch. The moss/granite stitch is one of my favorites for dish cloths, but I didn’t realize how beautiful it looks with a larger hook. It becomes open enough, if you use a nice yarn, that it drapes fabulously.


Because the stitch looks the same on both the front side and back side, it takes all the complicated out of the construction. You just pick up and work your front panels without any fuss. It is laid out pretty much like a ruana, then seamed and sleeves are added. So simple!

I already purchased a heathered charcoal grey yarn for the final version using the same type (Lion Brand Heartland) used in her original pattern. I have a few other projects I want to get to first, and this red one is kind of nice actually for around the house. I used Caron Simply Soft, which is a dense, heavy yarn, so it feels like a hug when you put it on. If Caron put out better colors, I would probably make everything with it, it is my favorite. It is silky, has a nice sheen and drapes beautifully, but the color selection is a bit dated.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!





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