A Few Bits of Crochet

I have been wanting to make one of these cuffed shawls for myself since last fall, but put it off because it was a pattern in a book that didn’t have any other patterns of interest. After seeing more pictures again this year, I realized how simple the construction was and decided to attempt a smaller one for my daughter.


It is basically two triangular pieces, seamed together in the back and then two cuffs are added at the arm points of the shawl. The cuffs keep the shawl in place and it works out great for her because a shawl would normally drive her crazy. I haven’t washed it yet, so the piece still looks a little stiff, but I’m sure it will loosen up afterwards. 


If you don’t know how to create a DC triangle, or need a reminder, you can find a tutorial HERE. I did a HDC trim on the outer edges so the cuffs would attach nicely and the cuffs are just HDC in the back loops only. 

You can technically even make it with one large triangle shawl, however, the original has a seam down the shoulder and arm which is created by the peak of each triangle. If you use one large one, that seam would be down the back and I thought it looked nicer down the arm.


I cleaned out our coat/entryway closet this week and in my need to organize all of my daughters winter accessories, I worked up this useful little hanging basket.


I used two strands of yarn, worked up a magic circle of 20 and slowly increased to 40. I just continued rounds of DC and SC (to give it some stiffness) until the desired height, added a hook/handle and voila! A perfect and convenient spot for her many pairs of gloves!


How are your fall crochet projects coming along? We’ve had a crazy warm front come through this week, 86 degrees yesterday! I’m really looking forward to some sweater weather.  🙂




9 thoughts on “A Few Bits of Crochet

  1. The shawl and the young lady are both beautiful. I hope to get me a shawl made this winter. I have had so many other requests to make things that I haven’t had time, maybe I will have it for next winter 🙂

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