Neural Signature for Fibromyalgia May Aid Diagnosis

This MRI Shows the multivariate brain pattern that predicts fibromyalgia status on the basis of brain activation during multisensory stimulation. Photo Credit: Cognitive and Affective Control Laboratory, University of Colorado Boulder

University of Colorado (CU) Boulder researchers have discovered a brain signature that identifies fibromyalgia with 93 percent accuracy.

The study used functional MRI scans (fMRI) to study brain activity in a group of 37 fibromyalgia patients and 35 control patients as they were exposed to a variety of non-painful visual, auditory and tactile cues as well as painful pressure.

This could be potentially groundbreaking, for both diagnosis and eventually treatment. The more we understand how, we can eventually discover why.

You can read the full article HERE  over at

I also ran across an interesting article last week regarding a small nerve fiber study indicating that there are various forms of fibromyalgia. I have long thought that there were different classifications necessary for FM and that until we can differentiate between the varieties in our FM, we won’t ever find effective treatments. So this is also an important step in understanding and discovering better treatments! You can find the full article HERE over at




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