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Another Beautiful Autumn

We spent our Friday homeschool outdoors, immersed in nature study and captured these beautiful images from our local park.


Even though I have lived here most of my life, every fall and spring I am caught off guard by how beautiful my city becomes.


Fall has always felt like such a celebration of life to me. It is nature’s last hurrah, ablaze in color as the leaves dance with the wind and finally fall to the ground to nourish new life.


It is like a love song dedicated to the spring and summer. It starts of slow and tentative, whispering sweet nothings. But then it builds to a vibrant crescendo, pouring its heart out,  with its last breath, commemorating the cycle of life.


Spring fills me up with gratitude, excitement and hope, but fall fills me up with feelings I find hard to articulate. They span the spectrum and contradict each other and they make me want to burst with creativity.


I am a little bit in love with the fall. I have written countless odes to the autumn season. The way the sun comes through the colored leaves. The smell in the crisp air, the sounds beneath your feet…it is all so ridiculously beautiful to me.


Be inspired by the season…the deciduous tree would not survive winter if it held on to all of its leaves. Fall reminds me to let go of the people, expectations and ideas that no longer serve me or help me grow. To shed the unnecessary so that I might survive another cold winter and blossom in the spring.

Enjoy your week!


René   ❤


4 thoughts on “Another Beautiful Autumn

  1. Thank you for sharing the reminder of how falling leaves reminds you to let go of the ideas and expectations you had. I still frequently find myself comparing what I can do now vs what I could do 2 years ago. It’s time for me to accept my changes, stop trying to go back to what was or would have been, and let Spring bring a new path. Thank you, again. This was something I needed reminding about.

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