Current W.I.P

My current work in progress is a chunky throw in a wave pattern. I am loving how it looks and feels. This textured stitch creates a nice puffy, squishy blanket to snuggle up with, perfect for the basement family/TV room it is planned for. I could have used a bulky weight yarn, but instead went with a double strand of worsted weight. The color is admittedly boring, but once it is finished with a contrasting border, I think it will be a nice addition to any couch. I find myself more drawn to drab lately, maybe it is my desire for minimalism.


Last year I made three dog sweaters for Pearl. The first one  went around her legs, so she didn’t like it. The second was a double strand and thick so it is very warm, but its a little to big and I don’t like the colors. The only one we still use is the granny square one with a buttoned belly strap (easy to get on and off), but it is thin. 


She has virtually no fur on her, just these tiny, short hairs that don’t warm her much. So when it is below freezing, she really needs something warm. One of the big craft chains is having a yarn sale this week, so of course I purchased some pretty hues especially for her. A pink multi in a homespun, bulky weight and this deep teal or “pagoda” green (looks much greener in person) that I think she looks especially pretty in. I will probably make one in each color. I might have to break my ‘one project’ rule and work on it before the blanket is done.


After the holidays, when all the gift projects are finished, I want to find a charity that will accept crocheted items. A friend told me about Project Linus, which provides homemade blankets to children in need. They are a nationwide organization with relatively convenient drop-off sites for those of us in the States. I am sure there are local charities in my metropolitan area, I am just not sure how to find them. If you have any ideas to share with me about other charities, or how to find local ones, I would be grateful.

Happy Hooking!


René ❤



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