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Hair Loss & Fibromyalgia

The very first symptom of fibromyalgia I had that led me to the doctor was hair loss. I was shedding massively, in the shower drain, on the bathroom counter, on my clothes, in my food, hair spiders all over my house. My doctor said it must have been stress because all my tests came back normal. I was sure it was related to my thyroid, but after insisting on the more specific thyroid tests at an endocrinologist, my results were once again, “normal”.

So I gave up trying to find a reason. The hairs fell out at the root and always grew back, so it was more disturbing than a tragedy for me at 30. I did try just about everything, peppermint shampoo, selenium, biotin, indian hair powders, oils for hair regrowth and other natural products, but nothing worked. All of it made my hair lush and shiny, but did not stop the shedding. Now of course I know it is from the FM and I accept it as just another symptom that I have little control over.


On a healthy day, I shed a bit more than most people, but on a flare day/week/month the shedding is drastic. As my FM progressed, so did the hair loss. I wasn’t necessarily losing more, but the breaks in between the loss were shorter, so the hair had less time to grow back in, before its neighbor fell out. It began to look like my hairline was receding. A few weeks after a major flare, the hairline and crown are covered in short baby hairs growing back in. But the hairline never fully comes back, I’d say I’ve lost about a quarter-inch.

I was also a slave to the ponytail/high bun hairstyle because for some reason I was holding on to an idea of beauty and long locks, but only had the energy to actually style my long hair maybe once a  month. The pony tail elastic pulled the hair and it took me years to realize how much damage it was causing.

In the fall of 2015, I cut about six inches off my hair and threw away all the ponytail holders. I had a shoulder length bob/lob type cut that was all one length and drab, but was wash and go. Over the summer, the heat got to me and I chopped off another four inches and I fell in love with the asymmetrical chin length bob. It takes very little product or fuss and minimal time to style.


By cutting the length and not using elastics, I hoped that my hairline might return, but it didn’t. My klingon forehead was here to stay. Ha! I realize it is not that bad, but it was something that bothered me. I have been cropping my forehead out of photos for years. But as I grew more confident/able to style my now short hair, I became a little obsessed with my forehead. So last weekend, on a whim, I decided it was time to take the plunge and get bangs. 


I haven’t had bangs for about 25 years! So now I am in the process of hating them, obsessing over them, training them and hoping they grow super fast. It feels and looks so strange to me, I want to like them, but I am just not sold on them yet. The picture has a filter on it (it was gloomy out) so it looks like I colored it too, but I didn’t…not yet!  

Do you struggle with hair loss? Any tips and/or tricks to share?

Have you ever had bang regret?! 😛




13 thoughts on “Hair Loss & Fibromyalgia

  1. Love the short, sassy cut! I have a love-hate relationship with bangs. I am now in the long, side-swept bang phase but sometimes I just cut them myself! It’s funny that I have never connected the dots between my hair loss and fibro. I have the same, weird baby hairs in the same spot. lol. I have found that I have less hair loss when I use hair products with more natural ingredients (and I only use cruelty free). Currently rotating between Hempz and Hask products. Good luck!

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      1. No, just because I highlight my hair in top to cover a gray streak. And I have lots of natural red that would come out! If you do would love to know what you think. I really want to give up the highlighting and chemicals!

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  2. I had never considered that my hair loss may be an FM symptom!! I have a TON of hair, so even after I lose a lot, either naturally or through deliberate thinning by a hair stylist, I have enough left. So while it makes for an utter mess everywhere (we joke I shed more than a dog/create my own hair carpet, etc.), it was never anything I cared to seek any treatment for. But now that you mentioned it, I might keep an eye out to see if I shed more during flares.

    In other news, I LOVE the short and sassy haircut you’ve got! I understand the love-hate relationship with bangs. I have often thought about them, then talked myself out of them. But that side-swept look is amazing! And dare I say, makes your beautiful face look much younger! 🙂

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  3. I didn’t know hair loss was a FM symptom either, so this is very interesting to read. I have FM and tend to lose a lot of hair too, but thought it was just normal. Sometimes I’ll read about hair loss and they always start out with, “People are always shocked at how much hair loss is just normal loss,” so then I shrug and move on. But really it does seem like a lot. I think, as someone else said, that mine is (for now) thick enough that I’m not noticing a hairline issue. Curious how long that will last though!

    Your hair style is so cute! I think the bangs look great on you. I have regretted bangs lots of times, but it isn’t the style – bangs look great on me (which is why I’ll succumb to the temptation to get them). It’s that I have hopelessly cow-licky hair at either side of where bangs end, and so instead of these nice, flat bangs that hang down as though I’d blow-dried them, I end up with these crazy-ass locks of hair shooting up on either side. EVERY TIME. And then I stand there in front of the mirror and go, “Why did I get bangs again?” Because bangs are adorable, that’s why. I just have to recognize my own limitations. 🙂

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  4. Thank you for sharing this! I had not connected my hair loss to my FM. I also go through phases where I clean my hairbrush daily and other times every couple of weeks. I’ve not paid enough attention to the flares though to connect them (I’m sure they are). I’m blessed to have thick enough hair that the loss doesn’t seem too noticeable. I keep looking in the mirror though expecting to see a bald patch starting. I hate having my hair in my face, so an elastic is almost always nearby. It may be time to find an alternative…. You look amazing!

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