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One of Fibromyalgia’s Little Gifts

I was reading an article today that talks about how those of us with chronic illnesses don’t get the same type of sympathy and understanding as other temporary or terminal illnesses do. Our long drawn out drag seems to make people drift away from us over time.

Here is the link to that article:  The Friendships That Fade When You Are Chronically Sick

This is so true for many of us and I know I have mentioned it before. Of course I am not comparing illnesses, they all suck, but friends and family don’t handle them the same.

On a positive spin though, this has been such a gift to me personally. It has revealed the true nature of people who were playing a dominate role in my life. I was so busy making excuses for my own inabilities or lackings, that I didn’t realize their shitty behavior. Their constant need for support and encouragement, but their failure to give me an ounce. I call them emotional vampires and I have gotten rid of each one. 


Now that I have been through this very painful transition, I have learned to spot these people a mile away and I am grateful. Fibromyalgia has given me a pile of poop…but hidden within are a few chunks of gold. 🙂




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