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Setting Goals

In the last two months, I have completely immersed myself in my own health and fitness. I went from being wrapped up in the political world and all the emotions of those around me, to barely allowing that stuff to filter in. There are only three things I think about right now, my family, homeschooling and my fitness. There is no crocheting going on, no books…nada. I spend most of my free time looking up recipes, learning about fitness related things and finding motivation.

Full disclosure:  I am obsessed. It all started when I decided to set some goals. Sounds pretty reasonable right? But there is a funny thing that happens when you start achieving your goals and your body feels stronger…you get hooked.

My goals started out simple, walk more, drink more water and eat better (less processed). I created a whole system with daily check offs and motivational visuals in a journal. Every week I look back on making good decisions and It feels good. It is like I am proving myself to myself after the last few years of feeling helpless against my body. I also planned out rewards I would give myself when I achieved a milestone. Last week I hit one and bought myself an expensive pair of running shoes that I wouldn’t normally splurge on, but I earned it. I worked really hard. Every time I look down at my awesome new kicks, I feel proud of myself.


I don’t want to jinx myself, but I have achieved great results in the last two months. Using a FitBit and my elliptical I have gradually increased my activity back to about 70% of my pre “shit-hit-the-fan” flare that took up most of the last two years. I am walking 3 miles a day with an additional 2.5 miles on the elliptical twice a week. And here’s the best news…only 1 flare and it was a brief flare at that!

For a long time I was afraid of even trying to get fit again. I didn’t want to suffer and I didn’t want to get set back. But after easing the anxiety from my overreacting nervous system, which drastically reduced my muscle spasms, I felt like it was time to try. I took it slow and all of my goals are one day at a time. I have become the master interpreter of my body, thanks to fibromyalgia. My hips tell me when I am pushing to hard and the joints in my hands tell me when I need to rest all together.

I think setting goals and achieving them is a wonderful way to build yourself back up after a disaster. It proves yourself to yourself. Fitness is an investment in yourself that not only helps you feel good, but your actions are telling your body that you love and value it. Two years ago, I hated my body for the pain it gave me, I fought it everyday and resented its inabilities. I think that mindset was damaging and counterproductive. Today, I think my body is a miracle, it is strong and productive even in the face of FMS. I really want to hold on to this mindset.




6 thoughts on “Setting Goals

  1. This is such a wonderful and uplifting post! I am so happy for you! 🙂 Multiple studies have shown that exercise can do wonders for FM if done the right way, and I know people who have benefited from it, and alas those who haven’t. But not all programs are for everybody either. So I am esp glad that you are able to read your body so well and know just how much to do and when to stop. I wish you all the best in the new, more positive leg of your journey! ❤

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