A Game Changing Product

A few months ago I noticed my bottom front teeth had a bit of a gray tinge to them. I had switched from coffee to green tea many years before, so the brownish staining was no longer a problem, but gray, that was new. Apparently there are tannins in green tea and they have an even bigger potential to stain your teeth!

I have always been a baking soda and peroxide type of girl whenever I notice stains in between dentist visits, but in my searching for why I had the stains, I was introduced to the term “remineralization”. This term, which is the naturally occurring process in which calcium and phosphate harden the teeth, is a loaded topic of debate apparently. Common dentistry feels fluoride is the best product for remineralization, while others would prefer to avoid fluoride at all costs. Not to mention the other added ingredients in commercial toothpastes.

I tend to appreciate and look for natural products, but when it came to toothpaste, I didn’t like the natural products any better than the regular stuff. No one had ever mentioned tooth powder to me before, so it wasn’t even on my radar. When I heard the term, I imagined some foul tasting stuff that my great grandparents had to use.


But the reviews were good, so I figured it was a worth a shot. I decided to try Uncle Harry’s Remineralization Kit that came with tooth powder, mouthwash and remineralization drops.

Note: I am NOT being paid to write this post, nor do I have any affiliate associations with Amazon. I just wanted to share my experience with you.

So seriously, right away I was kind of wowed. I have always hated toothpaste, I mean, I like the refreshing feeling, but I hate the foam in the back of my throat and have been gagging every morning for the last 30 years. Even when I use the smallest dot of toothpaste, it eventually makes me gag. This tooth powder does not foam up, not at all, but offers an even more refreshing feeling. You just dip the top of your wet toothbrush into your powder and brush. You can taste the mints and a bit of clove as it tingles its way around your mouth.

The gray stains were gone in less than a week and my mouth had never felt healthier. Now, all of my teeth are whiter and my gums look different too, like there is more blood flow there or something. Every morning I am amazed at how pretty my smile is looking. My husband noticed and decided to try it for himself and now he loves it too.


I will never go back, I will be using this stuff, or some version of it, for the rest of my days. If you are in to natural products, dislike toothpaste, or just want a healthier feeling mouth, I highly recommend trying a tooth powder. You can even make your own, I’ve run across plenty of recipes on Pinterest. I’m too lazy for all that, and I am still using the same 2 oz that came with the original kit, so it lasts a while. We bought the 8oz bottle and I figure it will average a little more expensive than regular toothpaste, but totally worth it.

How about you…have you tried tooth powders? Do you have any other natural products you can recommend to me?




4 thoughts on “A Game Changing Product

  1. This is interesting! My grandparents used to use tooth power. I used to find it messy, and theirs smelled weird to me. Eventually we all switched to toothpaste. The power you tried definitely sounds nice. And I am glad it worked well for you! 🙂

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  2. Hi Rene,

    Sounds great. I checked on amazon, but they had two items without good explanations of what items are in the kits. Could you reply with the full name of the kit on amazon that you bought and/or a link to it.

    I’ve missed you. Keep posting please. I love to hear from you. Good and healing thoughts to you and your fam.


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