A Little Fall Crochet

Hi Friends! I’ve been away for a few months but I have been crocheting like the crazy hooker that I am.

Things started out pretty innocently, I think I made this star baby blanket in August. I forgot to take pictures of the finished project, but here it is almost done. I followed the same pattern as my original star blanket which you can find HERE.


I really have fun making these ‘in the round’ projects, so I decided to try a 12 pointed star blanket for my dog. Just like the 5 pointed star, it requires a little bit of counting in the beginning, but then it becomes intuitive.


This was so beautiful…until I put it in the wash with something that had velcro and it was ruined 😦  I had used Caron Simply Soft for it and the sheen of this yarn looked amazing with the contrasting/angled stitches. You can find a video tutorial HERE for the 12 pointed star blanket.

After a few days of looking at a project ruined, I decided that I would make another, but with two strands of yarn so it would be more like a mat.


The double strand made it a bit more durable as well, so it worked out perfectly. Besides, I never knew my Pearl looked so good in periwinkle! She looked so lovely, I had to make her a dog sweater out of the same color.


I didn’t use a pattern for this, but I might work one up soon. Each of the squares are double thick (one in multi-color sewn to one in solid underneath).  The turtle neck and the belt that goes around her belly to button on the side, are also double stranded. This keeps her as warm as the coat we bought at the pet store that makes her walk funny. I don’t think she likes to wear these things at all really, but she is so bald that I must insist.

I also finally finished a twin sized afghan I had been working on for what seemed like years, but was maybe only most of 2017. Full sized blankets are the worst for me, I just don’t have the fortitude, but it came out nice enough. The pictures on the other hand, don’t do it any justice, so we’ll just skip those! 🙂

I was a little obsessed with the color of this yarn, it is like a rose gold in person. I didn’t know what to do with it so I made a super easy v-stitch infinity scarf.


I love using the v-stitch for these scarves because it is a loose stitch that drapes so nicely. This is a Vanna White yarn, so it loosens up after a wash.

And here I am today, with my current W.I.P:

puffy stitch hat

The hat is finished and I am halfway done with the buttoned cowl. I made one of these hats last year for myself, but it is just to big and falls down in my face when I bend down to pick up dog poop. Oh…to much information? lol I have spent the first 44 years of my life hating to wear hats. Warm weather hats have always made me feel ridiculous, but when you have a dog to walk in 15 degree, windy weather, it is necessary.

You can find the basic pattern for the Puff Stitch Slouchy Beanie HERE. I added the pom pom on top, because…why not?!

The buttoned cowl is just something I keep meaning to try out. I found THIS pattern, that gives you all the nuts and bolts, but me being me, I changed the stitch. So instead of using the comfy squares stitch in the body, I used the same puffy stitch that I used in the hat. It might not end well, we shall see. I love her pattern because she proceeds in all one piece, no need to whip things together at the end and her patterns are laid out so perfectly.


I am already thinking about my next project. I found some Caron Big Cakes on sale a few weeks ago. Each cake has 10.5 ounces and I’m not sure what to do with them, but the colors are amazing! Have any of you use these yet? Any ideas?

I hope all of you are feeling well and enjoying the season! ❤

Take Care,




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