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Happy New Year!

Well…first and foremost…Happy New Year!!


Also, January 2018 marks two whole years since I started my blog, so Happy Birthday to Periwinkle Pursuits!!

In January of last year, I made the resolution to live more authentically in 2017 and I think I have done a pretty good job at accomplishing that goal. I have found parts of myself that I was hiding and/or life had obscured for me for some reason. My confidence is returning, my faith in myself is back. I discovered that my body was not my enemy and that the resilience of my spirit can fuel my body through small steps, focus and dedication.

Honestly, 2017 was one of the most empowering years for me in the last decade. I was finally able to put my chronic illness into the peripheral of my life instead of letting it take center stage.

I am still working towards a healthier version of myself and am taking a “no sugar added” challenge this month. I went totally overboard in December with cookies and other holiday treats, so I am ready for a detox. I am also starting my class this month to become a certified Health & Wellness Coach. From what I understand, the first part is mostly about the fundamentals of nutrition and healthy living. The second part focuses more on the psychology of coaching and I can’t wait to dig in to that. I am a little nervous,  I haven’t been in any official training since I took my PHR through the Society of Human Resource Management in 2009. So wish me luck!


As I look forward to 2018, I am beyond excited about what the year will bring! My main goal/resolution is to keep the forward momentum going in respect to my physical and emotional strength. I have to remember that ‘shit happens’ regularly and to be flexible enough to roll with it, but strong enough to jump back in the drivers seat of my life afterwards. I don’t ever want to be sitting in the back seat out of fear and anxiety again.

I hope 2018 brings each of you much love, happiness and purpose. ❤




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