Wednesday W.I.P

I don’t know if other hookers are like me, but when I find a pattern that feels good to crochet, I kind of crave it. I have made a few star blankets over the years, but have been making a ton of them since fall. I like everything about the them in the round, so when I was toying with the idea to make a shawl out of one, I thought it would be a perfect project for one of those Caron Big Cakes I had in my stash.


I am probably about halfway through. I didn’t use a pattern, I played around with the base to create the proper points and voila…this Big Cakes Shawl was born. Each row increases by 10 stitches, so it should end up nice and wide to wrap, but not as tall, so it won’t hang down to my knees (short people problems!).


Shawls are fun projects, but I don’t know who to give them all too! My grandma, who will turn 93 this year, has graciously received a few. I never know if she really likes them, or if she is saying to her self “why does this child keep making me old lady things”! LOL Honestly, I feel like an old lady when I wear them, but I am determined to find the one pattern and color that makes me feel otherwise.

This yarn is interesting. It says that it is a 100% poly, size 4, medium worsted weight, but it feels more like a DK weight to me The fibers are smooth with little frizz, but somehow feels puffy when worked. I like that. The colors are beautiful and because the color blocking is so large, you can create simple pieces that look way more complex than they are. I will say the OCD in me really wishes I could have precise ends and starts of color changes, but it is still gorgeous.


I mean…color changes without weaving in ends…who doesn’t love that!

This particular color combination is called “Blueberry Torte”. The next time I will purchase more when they are on sale. I bet 4-6 skeins (each is 10.5 oz) would make a super easy and pretty blanket.

What are you working on?




9 thoughts on “Wednesday W.I.P

    1. They are gorgeous ! I have been making a lot of the 6dkb by Betty McKnit in several different yarns, so far the Caron cakes feel the best definitely my favorite soft and squishy warm blankets 😍😍

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