Hey There! I’m René, and Periwinkle Pursuits is about my journey as a forty-something, homeschooling mother, soon-to-be health and wellness coach, living with fibromyalgia. Here, I share my experiences, creative endeavors, encouragement, useful tools and helpful information I learn about along the way.

I started Periwinkle Pursuits because I wanted to create a supportive space where I could share and build with others. My hope is that I can help make someone’s journey easier, or at the very least, less alone.

About Me…

I am a creative junkie, a tree hugger and a beauty seeker. I love nature, animals, books, music, art, food, deep conversation, and being with my family.  I have two children, one fully grown and the other is a happily homeschooled fourth grader. We live in the Maryland suburbs of Washington D.C. with our dog Pearl. 


I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2005, but didn’t take it seriously at the time. Three years later, after the birth of my daughter, my health began to decline. Not believing the first diagnosis, I spent the next five years completely losing myself. That is what it felt like, bits of me slowly falling off into the abyss of who/what I used to be. After seeing a rheumatologist and educating myself a great deal, I am learning to accept and embrace the truth of having fibromyalgia.

In my previous life, I was the Director of Human Resources for a non-profit organization and a fiercely independent single mother. These days, I consult occasionally, but like to spend my energy taking care of my family, running our homeschool adventures, reading, crocheting and trying to manage my health.

I hope you enjoy the blog!  Please feel free to drop me a note to say hello and introduce yourself HERE. I would love to hear your story too.




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  1. Thanks for visiting and following My Little Farm in Town. I am sorry that you are suffering with fibro. My next door neighbor has it as well. She homeschooled her two boys all the way through to high school graduation. You hang in there gal. Begonia


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